Cats needing homes

Cats Need Homes

We always have lots of cats needing new homes.  We have rehomed to as far afield as Scotland and Bristol from our rescue centre in County Durham, DL13 1LE Postcode.  We have helped cats from all over the UK.


We always have:

  • lots of black and black and white cats as people think they do not look as good in a selfie
  • lots of older boys and girls
  • feral cats that would suit a more rural setting


We only occasionally have:

  • kittens
  • pedigree cats


Adopting a Cat (or two)

If you would like to adopt a cat or cats, email for an adoption form.  Include full contact details so Jan can get in touch.  Details of any current vet would be useful as we vet check if you do have a current vet.  We always home check new homes for all the animals in our care.





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